Biography and shows

Polona Petek, 1970, Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany .She studied in Slovenia, where she attended II. gimnazija Maribor. In 1994 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana under Prof Janez Bernik and Prof Tomaž Brejc. In 2009 she earned her master’s degree in painting under Prof Nadja Zgonik and Prof Metka Krašovec and in drawing under Prof Gustav Gnamuš.

She works as an independent cultural worker, but had suspended her status between 2012 and 2016 when she lived in Salzburg. After returning to Slovenia, she re-joined DLUM Maribor, where she has been the president of the Arts Council since 2019. She has received several awards, and her works are included in public and private collections in Slovenia and abroad.

Solo shows:
2002, “Paintings”, Tenzor Gallery, Ptuj
2003, “Landscapes and figure”, Ljutomer Art Gallery Ante Trstenjak
2004, “Award-winning artists”, Maribor Artists Association Gallery DLUM
2005, “Paintings”, Maribor Artists Association Gallery DLUM
2006, “Polona Petek-Gemälde” Pitow Gallery, Bruck an Der Mur
2006, “Paintigs-landscapes and people”,Jean Monnet building, Luxemburg
2006, Kolar Gallery, Slovenj Gradec
2006, Galerija Miklova hiša, Ribnica in SZI Dunaj, Generacija XX
2007, “Landscapes”, Small Gallery Kranj
2007, “Paintings 2001-2007”, Maribor Art Gallery
2008, “Between landscape and figure”, Lek Gallery Ljubljana
2008, “Paintings 2001-2007”, Pilonova Gallery Ajdovscina
2009, “Different realities”, Mihelic Gallery Ptuj
2009, “Paintings”, Slovenian Artists Association Gallery Ljubljana ZDSLU
2009, “Between landscape and figure”, Idrija Municipal Museum
2009, “Award-winning artists”, Maribor Artists Association Gallery DLUM
2010, “Paintings- Polona Petek”, Gallery in Dr. Franc Sušnik Central Carinthian Library
2011, “Small stories of the world”, City Gallery of Nova Gorica
2012, “From home to home”, Slovenian cultural centre Trieste ( Od doma domov – Da casa verso casa)
2013, “Menschen und Landschaften”, FreiRaeume-Hallein, Austria
2013, “New work”, Slovenian science institute Vienna
2014, “Zlatoličje 2006-2014”, Gallery Srečišče-Hostel Celica, Ljubljana
2015, “Wasserlandschaften”, 3.-25.August 2015, Rotunde der Salzburg AG, Salzburg
2016, “Polona Petek”, Laško cultural centre gallery
2019, Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti, Slovenj Gradec, INVENURA,-E(Ž), Zbirke v gibanju
2020, SA:UD (start art – creative workshop), Gallery DLUM Maribor
2021, KRKA gallery Ljubljana
2021, CISpace Galerie Berlin: “Forward with a painting stroke”
2021, Institut “Jožef Stefan” gallery Ljubljana: “Nature and man”

Group shows:
2008, “Generation XX”, Miklova house Gallery, Ribnica
2008, “Generation XX”, Slovenian science institute Vienna
2008, “Figure at the beginning of the century”, Velenje gallery
2008, “Self-portray today”, Maribor Art Gallery
2009, “Summer, Suggestions for the permanent collection”, Maribor Art Gallery
2019, May Salon, ZDSLU gallery, Ljubljana – selected works
2019, “Art for sale-PAPIRNATE ZADEVE”, UGM, Maribor
2019, “1-st International Biennale of Artistic vision”-ETIKETE, Novo Mesto
2019, EKO-DRAVA, Maribor, Ex-tempore
2021, 10. International festival ZDSLU – Urban landscape, Kranj

Awards and collections:
2004, Maribor Artists Association Award
2007, Maribor Art Gallery permanent collection painting “The air show”
2008, Maribor Artists Association Award
2008, collection Talum, Kidričevo
2012, Residence studio in Vienna
2014, collection Honorary Consul of Slovenia Slovenije A. Santnerja in Salzburg
2019, selected work May Salon 2019
2019, Award Ex-tempore EKO-DRAVA, BN, 2019
2019, selected work for “1-st International Biennale of Artistic vision”-ETIKETE, BN, 2018
2019, selected work for “Art for sale-PAPIRNATE ZADEVE”, UGM, Maribor

Other collections:
Gallery Šivčeva hisa, Brdo, Pilonova Gallery, Library
Šentjur, Tisnikarjeva hiša Gallery.